By Dr. Sandeep Nayak

With regard to esophageal cancer, did you know that robotics and laparoscopy has several advantages over conventional open surgery with same cure rate?

Minimally invasive procedures involving robotic and laparoscopic surgery is considered the mainstay surgical approach for a variety of benign esophageal disorders. Robotics & laparoscopy offers potential advantages of enhanced recovery, reduction in pain, and a quicker return to normal function. The application of minimally invasive surgery has been explored and found to be feasible in the management of esophageal cancer.

Additional therapies (chemotherapy & radiotherapy) are mostly supportive to surgery and however, cannot cure the cancer. But, many patients and their relatives try to avoid surgery for the fear of the immense trauma for their loved ones, resulting in patient getting wrong or less effective treatment. Open surgery involves opening of chest which is painful.  With minimally invasive surgery the trauma is much less and makes the treatment more acceptable. Robotic and laparoscopic surgery have turned out to be a great boon for these patients.

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