Have you seen the leaders of countries cry because of the overwhelming number of COVID19 patients going on ventilator? Have you seen the patients lying in the corridors of hospitals? Have you seen the dead bodies lined up for funeral? Well, if you have, then you have seen what could happen to India.

Have you ever been able to tell how you got a flue? Actually, most of the time we cannot! It is just that sometimes we can vaguely tell that someone at office or house had it. COVID19 is at least 2.5 times more infective than common flue. It is very easy to get infected.

Even as the disease is spreading, there is a feeling of general wellbeing among people in India that this won’t affect us! That is a foolish notion. The event held by Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin and subsequent spread is the example for it. The disease can easily spread among us. What we are doing now is buying time to avoid a situation like USA, Italy and Spain. This is all the more important because we are much less equipped compared to those countries. To avoid a catastrophe the only way is lockdown. There is no other way as of now to prevent or control the disease. We are only buying time.

People feel their own violations of the quarantine is fine! However, others is not! People are violating the rules hiding behind pretence. Do we ignore then as responsible citizens? I feel we should not. It is our responsibility to report every violation to the authorities, be it by the relatives, family, friends or neighbours. They are risking your life.

FAQ by Karnataka police:

The FAQ has answered many common questions like about taking as stroll or jogging, visiting people, etc. It is a must read for everyone.

Karnataka police

Applicable Rules:

It is nice to see Karnataka Police release a leaflet answering the FAQ on the lockdown. However, as I saw the important rules that have been applied include.

  1. Section 144of the CrPC: In case of any violation, people doing it in any form can be detained. Such an act can provide imprisonment of upto three years.
  2. Section 188 of IPC (Under Epidemic Diseases (ED) act): Two different punishments based on the gravity of the disobedience.
    1. disobedience causes or tends to cause obstruction, annoyance or injury to any person lawfully employed, then the quantum of punishment shall be simple imprisonment up to 1 month.
    2. disobedience which causes danger to human life, health or safety or causes or tends to cause riot or affray will be punished with an imprisonment term up to 6 monthsor a fine up to 1,000 rupees or both.

Please note that there are other rules that can be applied. These only form an umbrella to other stringent rules if needed. Rude people don’t understand soft language (लातों के भूत बातों से नहीं मानते|).

Meditation and Yoga Should Help.

I have seen a feeling of invincibility among people around me. The feeling of ‘I am right, and others are wrong’ is quite evident. I see the rules being flouted by people even after several warnings.

Indians generally feel like hero’s when they violate rules and don’t get caught.

Many people practice meditation and yoga. This is the time when the act of meditation will help. Meditation will help you maintain the calm in your mind and follow the guideline laid out. Otherwise, the frustration of lockdown will take over you. If you think you meditate and still are unable to follow the rules, please consult your guide for help. There must be something wrong in what you are doing.

How to Reach the Police?

Please take responsibility of reporting violations to the police when you have evidence. Please don’t annoy them otherwise. They will find it difficult to find every violation. It is every citizens responsibility to help them to find the violators and bring them to books. It sound harsh, but, most likely to spread the disease to you are the close one. Do guide them to be safe.

The best way you can reach police is by Twitter these days. Those of you in Bangalore can message to @BlrCityPolice and @deepolice12 .