Cancer Treatment in India

Cancer refers to the abnormal cell growth that spreads all over the body to infiltrate and destroy normal body tissues. Cancer cannot be regarded as one disease but rather many diseases. At one point of time, it use to be a dreadful disease and chance of survival are rare. But with high professional doctors and their top level of experience, and timely detection, the treatment of cancer can be easily done.

Best Cancer Treatment in India

The cancer treatment in India will be on par with excellence provided it has the best cancer specialists, a well-equipped infrastructure, highly specialized facilities, and salient features to cure the disease and improve the survival rate.

Today, the treatment for cancer has gone next level with advanced surgical techniques used by experts to understand the latest surgical technology and to implement in the procedure while performing therapy for patients. The ultimate aim is to ensure that the chances of survival for cancer patients are high and to cure the disease with minimal pain.

The type of surgeries, which involves by the expert cancer specialists not only gives comprehensive cancer surgery process but also allows patients to have the cosmetically appearance by using Laparoscopic surgery.

Why Laparoscopic Surgery for Cancer?

Laparoscopic surgery has largely benefited for doctors in providing the best treatment with “minimally invasive” surgery as it involves only a smaller incisions than a traditional open surgery. Incisions are usually 0.5-1 cm, compared to several inches during the open surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is the best option for cancer patients as it involves tremendous advantages for cancer patients.

MACS Cancer Clinic

MACS Cancer Clinic is one amongst the best cancer clinics in Bangalore, India, which provides the best cancer treatment for patients by using expertise professional skills and advanced techniques to cure the disease.

Robotic & Laparoscopic Cancer Treatment (Surgery) in India by MACS clinic gives effective results by avoiding open surgery, fearing of the pain and discomfort, which the patient has to suffer. The MACS team of cancer specialists addresses these issues and works relentlessly to give a conveniently better life for the patient. However, this will be achieved by determining approach, which can be called as Minimal Access Cancer Surgery (MACS) for the better cure. Robotic & Laparoscopic cancer treatment reduces the patient’s suffering when compared to open surgery with the same amount of results. Apart from minimal pain, the main advantage of this type of surgery is that a patient can stay for a short duration and return to normal life quickly.

Cancer Treatment Methods

Surgical Oncology – Pioneer in laparoscopies or laparoscopic cancer surgery to remove complex tumor performed by highly skilled cancer specialist surgeons.

Medical Oncology – Conventional and high dose Chemotherapy medicines are routinely administered to patients for long-term results.

Radiation Oncology – Radiotherapy procedure, specializes in using ionizing radiation (beta rays, electrons, etc) to burn the cancer cells.

Cancer Treatment by Experts

At MACS Clinic, you will find expert cancer surgeons by diagnosing the actual cause of cancer and symptoms. There are different types of cancer that specify certain symptoms and experts at MACS clinic will help to detect. This will help oncologists to know the stage and size of the tumor so that the best possible treatment is performed on the patient.

MACS Clinic always dedicated to the patient care with quality and ethics by a group of highly skilled professionals. Team MACS group is guided by Dr. Sandeep Nayak - a well known senior Surgical Oncologist in Bangalore, widely experienced in both open and minimally access cancer surgeries (laparoscopic and robotic).

MACS Clinic delivers great efficiency throughout the cancer treatment process by relentless MACS Team effort, highly Personalized Care for the patients, and Integrated Cancer Care.

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