Oncologist in Bangalore

An oncologist is a profession, which deals with diagnosing, treating and curing cancer and also provides effective prevention care. Leading medical oncologists in Bangalore are devoted in medical practice with highly sophisticated, professional ethics to cure the most dreadful disease.

The study shows that most of the cancers are curable if detected at an early stage.

Prevention - A person's cancer risk can be reduced with healthy habits like avoiding tobacco and alcohol consumption

Diagnosis - Early diagnosis and screening refers to use of simple tests to identify the disease but does not have symptoms.

Treatment - Comprehensive treatment is provided to the patient by discussing the size and type of the tumor to give a proper cancer treatment.

The field of cancer has the three main types: Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology and expertise dealing are known as a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and surgical oncologist.

Surgical Oncologist

Surgical oncology is a branch of medicine specialized in surgery which is focused on removing of tumors, especially cancerous tumors from the body. There has been several research and inventions in the field of surgery. Compared to conventional surgeries involving large wounds, long stay in the hospital and a lot of pain and discomfort, Team Macs has a highly reputed surgical oncologist, Dr Sandeep Nayak, a pioneer in performing robotic and Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery to remove even complex tumors. The success rate in cancer and other advanced laparoscopic surgeries is comparable to the best cancer clinics and centers in the across globe.

Medical Oncologist

Medical Oncologists often regarded as the main health provider for cancer patients specialized in administering medicines to the cancer patients. Chemotherapy is one of those types of cancer treatment, which is used by top medical oncologists to improve the results for the long-termthrough medication by stopping or slowing the growth of cancerous cells. Team MACS have expertise medical oncologists like Dr Suresh Babu, who care for patients and advise the best specific treatment that would help patients. Our team is highly experienced in using conventional and high dose chemotherapy and other medications such as targeted therapy, which is routinely administered for different solid tumors and drug combinations.

Radiation Oncologist

Radiation oncologists or radiotherapy at MACS clinic is specialized in patient centric approach to burn cancerous cells by using ionizing radiation (beta rays, electrons, etc) in the treatment of cancer. The radiation technology to cure cancer has been evolved over the years. But with advanced radiotherapy techniques such as IMRT, IGRT, SRS, SWT, etc. allows the oncologists to focus the radiation beams precisely to the cancerous tissues and reducing it to normal tissue damage. MACS has experienced radiation oncologists like Dr Anil Kumar.

Best Oncologist Center in Bangalore

In the recent years, the diagnosis and treatment of cancer have changed with the extensive research work, advanced techniques and latest technologies are being used in the overall cancer treatment process.

MACS Clinic is one of the best oncologist centers in Bangalore, which is highly specialized in using robotic and laparoscopic onco-surgery and oncology. The best oncologist like Dr Sandeep Nayak consult here. The consultation services at MACS clinic is on par excellence by providing the best treatment to various hospitals.

The clinic has the advanced facility that caters the needs of the patients by expert professionals ranging from different departments. MACS clinic is the first and only clinic to introduce laparoscopic and robotic surgery in Bangalore. Under the guidance of Dr. Sandeep Nayak – Chief Laparoscopic and Robotic Cancer Surgeon, Team MACS has produced highly successful rate of proven results in the most complicated cancer surgeries. We strive to deliver with more success rate and continue to provide the best care for patients.

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