Neck dissection can be performed by conventional open method or by laparoscopy (Video Endoscopic Neck Dissection). Laparoscopic or Laproscopic cancer surgery has several advantages over conventional open surgery with same cure rate. Only surgery is curative in most of the cancers. Additional therapies (chemotherapy & radiotherapy) are mostly supportive. But, many patients and their relatives try to avoid surgery for the fear of the immense trauma for their loved ones, resulting in patient getting wrong or less effective treatment. With laparoscopy the trauma is much less and makes the treatment more acceptable. The Team MACS precisely addresses all these issues and works relentlessly for a better life.

  • COSMETICALLY SUPERIOR as there are no scars in front of the neck, if at all small.
  • Less risk of altered SENSATION over skin of neck after surgery.
  • Less patient discomfort during SWALLOWING.
  • Less restriction in neck MOVEMENT after surgery.
  • Less DISCOMFORT & PAIN around the external wound as the wounds are small
  • Least BLOOD LOSS.
  • Shorter hospital STAY and quicker return to NORMAL LIFE. (less days away from work)
  • Team MACS performs these surgeries without the help of a surgical ROBOT (reducing your cost).

    Surgical removal of lymph nodes of neck is called neck dissection. The lymph nodes of neck have been grouped into six levels on each side of neck. The level that needs to be removed depends on the type of cancer and extent of cancer involvement. Various names have been used to describe the extent of removal: Radical Neck Dissection, modified radical neck dissections, functional neck dissection, selective neck dissection and extended neck dissection. All these are variations of the same procedure with only changing in the number of levels removed.


    Neck dissection is needed for various cancers in order to give better cure. The most common cancers in which this is required are oral (mouth) cancers, salivary gland cancers (parotid, submandibular, etc.) and thyroid cancers. Neck dissection is usually performed at the same sitting along with the surgical removal of main cancer.

    Cancers that occur in any part of mouth are medically called oral cancers. In most of the oral cancers, neck dissection is necessary even when there is no proven spread to the neck nodes. This is in-order-to stay ahead of the disease and to prevent it from recurring. Where there is spread to lymph nodes neck dissection is always needed.

    Thyroid cancers are tough less aggressive than other cancers. Neck dissection is needed only in selected cases. The dissection usually includes level 2 to 5 and level 6.


    Conventional open surgery surgery involves different incisions over neck depending on surgeons' preference and requirement of the disease. Larger incisions are needed when lymph nodes of entire neck has to be dissected. All these incisions leave a bad scar over the neck.

    Laparoscopic Neck Dissection or Video Endoscopic Neck Dissection (VEND). In this procedure the surgeons accesses the neck via four to six small incisions near the armpit and neck. The wounds are located in the crease of armpit, chest and back of neck, and are mostly invisible once they heal (covered areas). Presently this surgery is offered very selected patients based on the extent of cancer spread. (See MACS Advantages)/p>


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