It appears that there was some issue raised by the ill informed media that many clinics in the country are closed. In a knee jerk reaction, many governments said the clinics will be kept open and some issued threats to the doctors. They didn’t understand where they are heading.

“A very busy physician in Bhilwara is perfect example of spread to and through doctors. He prides in seeing 100 to 125 patients in each shift, morning and evening. At any point of time he has 5 patients around his table. Forget proper hand hygiene, his patients are falling over each other in the hospital he visits in the morning and in his clinic in the evening. He saw a patient with fever and sorethroat who had come from Spain a fortnight ago. Obviously, no history taken, no precautions followed. He, his 2 juniors and 3 compounders have COVID. He saw more than 3000 patients during this period. Whole of Bhilwara was put under curfew immediately after the diagnosis. The 100 bedded hospital has been sealed. Whole staff is under quarantine. Everyone is mortally terrified in the whole town.He has become a villain in the town, a villain worse than Kanika Kapoor. Long story, but this truly reflects what one callous professional brother can do.”

Why Clinics are Dangerous in COVID-19 Pandemic?

Clinics are places where sick people approach first in a normal scenario. When clinics are kept open during pandemic our patients will not think twice before going to their regular general physician for an opinion.

  • This is place where ill people accumulate
    A Regular Clinic in India
    Most common place where a person with fever will fiorst go. 
  • Very congested and social distencing is not possible. 
  • Doctor and staff cannot protect themselves 
  • (No means to do so)
  • Doctor and staff have high risk of infection themsleves from patient
  • They become source for further spread. 
  • There starts the community spread. This can grow massive


What measures we took at MACS Clinic?


  • All the patients will have to wait in the park in front after registration. Please maintain a distance of 3-6 feet from other people. Open space is better than closed space to avoid infection. The front desk will call you when your turn for consultation comes.
  • All the patients for follow up are recommended to delay it till the situation improves. We can do online consultation or video consultation on Practo or 4care app.
  • We will be providing hand sanitisers for all the people entering the premises.
  • You have to mandatorily declare if you have fever, dry cough, breathlessness, etc.


  • We recommend you avoid using lift.
  • It is preferable that one person only to accompanies one patient. Avoid crowding.
  • Ware mask at all times. This avoid spread of infection. Any type of mask will do. Your doctor also will be wearing a mask. Mask is more important if you have fever, dry cough, breathlessness, etc.
  • Reduce your time inside closed space like clinic and consultation room.
  • Do not use common pen. Use your own or dictate your personal details at the reception.

What should people do? 

Whenever you have any illness in this period of lockdown, please do an e-consultation. There are means available to do that like practo, 4care app and many others who have started for this very reason. Please do not walkin to a hospital or clinic. Let your doctor analyse the situation and decide if you have to visit. By this a good percentage of unnessary visit can be avaoided. Some governments have allowed electronic prescriptions in case it is patient known to the doctor. If the doctor feels that the patients need to be physically examined, then there is a need to do the travel. 

PLease take all the recomended precausions while travelling. 

You can read about shortcoming of online (electronic) consultations in my next blog.