In he era of quick life and fast food, fries and a glass of sugar sweetened beverage are perfect companions and are totally relished by everyone. Sometimes people enjoy the drink so much that they end up over consuming such drinks without knowing the repercussions it can have on the overall health. The companies add extra sugar in order to make these drinks tastier which adds lots of sugar to the diet of the consumer.

Does sugar increase the risk of cancer?

These ultra-processed food items have proven to cause many chronic diseases including cancer and increase the risk of dying early. Consumption of sugary drinks has been over all associated with the increase in various health issues like diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Sugary drinks are associated with the risk of obesity which plays a strong risk factor in various types of cancers. Diabetes on the other hand has an age old relation with cancer. Diabetes can double the risk of breast, liver, pancreas, endometrial and many other cancers.

Not all sugars are born equal

Though fruits are also high in sugars, they also contain nutrients that prevent cancer. Milk also has sugars, however, the protein that it contains is safe for the body. What is dangerous are the ultra-processed foods like drinks with added sugar, sweets, candies, cookies and cakes which have high sugar content.

The sugary connection

According to the research that is available the increased risk of cancer is not related to sugar intake. Instead, it is related to how the body responds to sugar. It is called glucose intolerance. The problem occurs if the body is resistant to insulin and the more insulin produced to overcome this resistance. The increased insulin level in the body is shown to help formation of cancer and the cancer cells to multiply.


Making lifestyle changes plays an important role in the well being of the human body. It is best to avoid excessive consumption of sugar. In order to be hydrated, it is best to drink water and an unsweetened drink. Processed and sweetened fruit juices should be consumed in moderation as it can promote weight gain which can later be lead to diseases like cancer. Try and satisfy the sweet tooth by consuming the whole fruit that don’t carry adverse effects that fruit juices carry. Avoid including saturated fats, trans fat and processed foods in the diet.

Most of the time, people do not think much about their diet, but, it does play a vital role in keeping various diseases at bay. It is important to be proactive in having a health food habit.