There is always someone who charges less.

Recently I saw this image circulated on social media which compared the workmanship of two paintings. I realised how true it is even in surgical field! I couldn’t resist writing this blog to convey my thoughts. This in no ways says my work is better than other. I strongly belive that every professional tries their best.

‘There is always someone who charges less!’

In case of commodities and commerce, the price war is very common. This is a fight in lowering the margin to increase the customer base. It works for the likes of Amazon and Flipkart. They even go to the extent of making losses in order to gain customers. This is their long-term strategy. If this is wise or not will be known over time. However, it is not for medical profession.

Can Charges be Standardised?

Can the same apply to professional services? The services of lawyer, doctors, etc. cannot be found by this. When you have a case to fight in the court of law you will find several lawyers available to you to provide services. Each one of them charges differently. They charge based on their competence, expertise and experience. No two lawyers will charge the same for a given case. Quality does come at a premium. So when a customer on the service seeker goes for the lowest estimate or quotation, he or she is compromising significantly on the quality of services and the service provider.

Quotation Vs Estimate

Everyone seeking a service wants to prepare financially. However, very often it is very difficult for professional services to provide quotation, especially in complex cases. It is usually an estimate that is given. Estimate is based on previous experiences and complexity of the current scenario. Quotation is given for a product. For example, if you want to buy a car or a television or a ready house, you take a quotation. However, when you want to build a house or repair a house you take an estimate. The estimate will vary based on the work that is needed. It will vary. All the expenditure that is required to achieve the end result has to be made by the service seeker.

By Dr Sandeep Nayak

Author is a leading surgical oncologist of Bangalore presently heading MACS Clinic as well as Fortis Hospital, Bangalore. He is a well acclaimed specialist in robotic and laparoscopic cancer surgeries. He has been a teaching faculty at Kidwai Cancer Institute, Bangalore, which is one of the leading teaching institutes in Oncology in India. He has keen interest in public education and awareness. He shares his thoughts and facts on this blog.