Genetic Counselling in Bangalore

Genetic counselling plays a crucial role in cancer care. It provides individuals and families with valuable information about their genetic predisposition to cancer.

The esteemed MACS Clinic is at the forefront of offering genetic counselling in Bangalore. It aids patients in making informed decisions about their healthcare.
Known for its excellence in providing the best cancer treatment in Bangalore, MACS Clinic has established itself as a trusted provider of comprehensive genetic counselling.

With a strong emphasis on genetic counselling services, the MACS clinic provides individuals and families with a supportive environment to better understand the genetic aspects of their health conditions.

This article explores the importance of genetic counselling in the context of cancer, candidacy, the associated costs, the types of counselling, the role of genetic therapists, and its benefits.

Overview: Genetic Counselling and its Role in Cancer Care

  • Genetic counselling involves evaluating and communicating genetic information to individuals and families with an increased risk of developing genetic disorders or hereditary conditions such as cancer.
  • It aims to provide education, support, and guidance to help patients make informed decisions regarding their health management.
  • In the context of cancer, genetic counselling focuses on assessing the likelihood of developing specific types of cancer due to inherited genetic mutations.

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Who Should Consider Genetic Counselling & Why?

  • Usually, healthcare providers recommend genetic counselling to individuals with a personal or family history of cancer that suggests a hereditary component.
  • This includes cases where multiple family members have been diagnosed with cancer, an individual diagnosed at a young age, or a history of rare or specific types of cancer within the family.
  • Genetic counselling helps identify individuals who may carry genetic mutations that increase their susceptibility to certain cancers.
  • By understanding their genetic risk, individuals can take proactive steps towards prevention, early detection, and personalized treatment plans.

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Genetic Counselling Cost in India for Cancer

The cost of genetic counselling in India for cancer may vary depending on the specific services provided, the expertise of the genetic counsellor, and the facilities available at the genetic counselling centre.

Contact reputed genetic counselling centres in India to obtain accurate information about the cost of genetic counselling for cancer.

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Steps of Genetic Counselling in Cancer

  1. Pre-test Counselling:

Before undergoing genetic testing, individuals receive comprehensive information about the benefits, limitations, and potential implications of genetic testing.

Genetic counsellors help patients understand the testing process, assess their personal and family history, and address any concerns or questions.

  1. Post-test Counselling:

After genetic testing, the genetic counsellor interprets and explains the test results to the patients. They discuss the implications of the results, the associated cancer risks, and potential preventive measures or treatment options based on the findings.

What is the Role of a Genetic Therapist?

A genetic therapist, or a genetic counsellor, is a healthcare professional specializing in medical genetics and counselling. Their role in genetic counselling involves:

  1. Assessing Family History: Genetic therapists collect detailed information about the patient’s medical history to identify patterns, potential hereditary conditions, and cancer risks.
  2. Genetic Risk Assessment: By evaluating the family history, genetic therapists assess the probability of genetic mutations and the associated risks of developing specific types of cancer.
  3. Education and Support: Genetic therapists provide education about genetic concepts, inheritance patterns, and the implications of genetic testing. They also offer emotional support, addressing concerns and psychological aspects associated with a genetic predisposition to cancer.
  4. Communication and Decision-making: Genetic therapists facilitate informed decision-making by discussing the available options for prevention, screening, and treatment based on the genetic test results.

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Benefits of Genetic Counselling

  1. Risk Assessment: Genetic counselling helps individuals and families understand their genetic risks for developing cancer. It allows them to make informed decisions about their healthcare.
  2. Personalized Care: Genetic counselling enables personalized treatment plans by identifying specific genetic mutations. It may include targeted therapies and precision medicine approaches.
  3. Prevention and Early Detection: Genetic counselling guides individuals towards preventive measures, such as lifestyle modifications, enhanced surveillance, and early screening, to mitigate their cancer risks.

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Identifying Individuals at Risk: Role of Genetic Testing and Genetic Screening

  • Genetic testing is crucial in identifying individuals with genetic mutations associated with an increased risk of developing cancer.
  • It involves analyzing an individual’s DNA to detect specific genetic variations or mutations linked to certain types of cancer.
  • Genetic screening refers to population-wide testing to identify individuals at risk for particular conditions, allowing for early intervention and personalized care.

Emerging Technologies and Advances in Cancer Genetics

  • The field of cancer genetics is continuously evolving. Emerging technologies are shaping the future of genetic counselling.
  • Precision medicine and targeted therapies are revolutionizing cancer treatment by tailoring interventions based on an individual’s genetic makeup.
  • MACS Clinic, renowned for its best cancer treatment in Bangalore, keeps abreast of these advancements. It ensures patients have access to the latest information and treatment options.


Genetic counselling is vital to cancer care, helping individuals and families understand their genetic risks, make informed decisions, and access personalized treatment options. 

The MACS Clinic provides comprehensive genetic counselling in Bangalore, ensuring patients receive the support and guidance to navigate their genetic predisposition to cancer. 

By empowering individuals through knowledge and education, genetic counselling improves cancer prevention, early detection, and targeted treatments, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and quality of life.