Cancer survivorship is a life changing experience. It changes many things for the patient as well as the care giver. An individual is considered a cancer survivor from the time cancer is diagnosed. The family members, caregivers and friends are also affected by this experience and are considered as cancer survivors as well. Team MACS believes in helping this entire unit (patient, family members, caregivers and friends) in coping with the treatment and thereafter.

Coping with cancer and its treatment. Team MACS believes in empathetic approach to the treatment. The moment you walk in, you become a part of the MACS family. We provide you the emotional support that is needed to cope through the treatment. We are willing to spend time with you and think for your good.

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Team MACS has always been associated with cancer survivor groups, who are actively involved in supporting the survivors. These groups include the individuals who have gone through cancer treatment and family members of cancer patients. It helps to have experienced person next to you for moral support. As the need for support has grown over the years, we have started our own support group called Samrohana. We are trying to cover all the aspects of cancer awareness and treatment.

Samrohana helps patients in coping with cancer and its treatment. Most of the patients and their relatives would need support once cancer is diagnosed. Very often the relatives and friends give their opinion and advice which may very often be wrong. What a support group would do is provide with right information and guide through the treatment.

Coping with life after cancer. Team MACS is dedicated to help cancer survivors live their lives to the fullest. We offer comprehensive follow-up care for all our patients.Though we anticipate that most cancer survivors will lead active, productive and healthy life, some may develop problems as a result of the cancer and its treatment. We provide all the support necessary to cope with such problems. A lot of focus is given on identifying recurrence of cancer and at the same time also on prevention of cancer and long term complications. We recommend that you join one of the survivor groups and help others to cope with the disease. You can join the group by visiting

Follow-up for Survivors :

The follow-up protocol varies form case to case and stage to stage. So, it will be customized to your requirement. Follow-up facility with Team MACS typically includes

  • Reminder services in the form of SMS and emails.
  • Review of recent history and physical examination.
  • Recommendation for any tests to detect recurrence.
  • Screening recommendation for other cancers.
  • Advice regarding further management and visits.

Cancer is the 3rd largest killer worldwide and the incidence is increasing. Fortunately many of these can be prevented. Unfortunately many don’t know how. To get more insights please download our cancer prevention booklet which is available in Kananda & English and also visit