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Best and honest treatment is provided with empathy. Doctor is very sympathetic and friendly. Easily accessible. My personal experience is very good.
shekar paladi
shekar paladi
We have been consulting with Dr Sandeep Nayak for a year now. Extremely happy with overall consultation, valuable advises and timely responses. Thanks to Mr Ashok too for always being there to help us with appointments and quick responses.
Subhrojyoti Mondal
Subhrojyoti Mondal
Dr. Sandeep is excellent oncologist. We are very happy that we had seleted him for our problem. He patiently hears to our concerns, explains and gives our options where needed to select the best of our choice. His staff is polite and helpful all the time, so far.
Venky Bandaru
Venky Bandaru
When I came to know about my thyroid problem the amount of queries and worries was quite high. I am overwhelmed to know the level of care and effort put by you and your team. Whatever doubts we had was clarified with precise details. You also ensured my regular follow up . Thank you very much Dr.Sandeep Nayak, Dr.Suresh Babu n team.
Srikar E R
Srikar E R
Dr.Sandeep is one of the top most and best oncologist. He is very polite and patience to answer all the questions we had. Macs clinic staff were very friendly.His team was excellent . Thank you so much.
Manjusha Madireddi
Manjusha Madireddi
My experience with MACS clinic is very good with professional doctors. Dr. Sandeep Nayak, Dr Anil and Dr Suresh Babu all are very sincere and humble. I wil anytime recommend MASC to everyone.
Payal Mohanty
Payal Mohanty
I have been visiting Dr.Sandeep Nayak for my father treatment for 7 years. I am greatful to his advices from him for my father's treatment My father is extremely happy with him Doctors, Support Staff are friendly and receptive. Clinic is well maintained as well.
Sivakumar A
Sivakumar A
An excellent clinic headed by an eminent Onco surgeon ,Dr.Sandeep Nayak and team of other doctors.The patient will get the right advise and guidance.
Mecheri Venk
Mecheri Venk

Mr Nelson Egan

Oral Cancer Treatment

Siddharth Sharma

Its always a great experience to visit Dr Sandeep Nayak! My father was extremely happy and satisfied with line of treatment.

Cancer Treatment


I am Happy with doctor he talk very nice and explained nicely and iam very happy with that.

Nagamani P S

We contacted for cancer diagnosis, evaluation and treatment for my wife. We got good diagnosis and guidance along with plan of treatment. The approach of the doctor in understanding the patient by giving a careful listening and study of the disease in a professional way boosts our confidence. Overall we get a feel that we are in safe hands.

Hamsika V

I recommend the doctor I was happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue Very professional and humane. Gentle Spends good time with patient to understand the problem and explain the possible treatment options


Rectum Cancer Treatment

Harsha Deshpande

One of the greatest and ideal doctor I have ever come across. Very patient, calm and composed person. Clearly explains the situation and fills us with hope and courage to face the situation. Very great full to have a doctor like him and his team is also really amazing.

Thyroid Cancer Treatment


Dr Sandeep Nayak is not just a doctor but also a life saviour He understands patients problem n listens to each problem and gives best advice I have been visiting him since 2yrs and I am really blessed to have found a doctor like him!Thank you Dr Sandeep Nayak God bless you!

Uma Iyer

He is also an expert in Robotic surgery and was informative about the various options I had for surgery. He also did not pressurise me to undergo the surgery and explained all the pro’s and cons of the surgery very patiently – showed me images of post operative results. It was re-assuring that he took time to draw n patiently explain what the surgery entailed and what is the procedure. Definitely would recommend him.



I’m Usha, an ordinary staff in his hospital (Fortis), last year November all of sudden I had developed a lump after stopping breastfeeding, initially thought it was milk duct. I waited 2 weeks thinking it will shrink on its own, but unfortunately it didnt..So i had to seek doc opinion. I showed a resident doc in the hospital and a gynecologist, who recommended USG. On doing USG recommended FNAC. FNAC result showed a kind of tumor. I just collapsed by hearing this. I didnt even know what to do in that situation. My colleague showed report Dr. Sandeep Sir’s resident doc. He immediately showed that report to Dr. Sandeep Sir. in next 15 min, Doc called us to examine in OPD. After examining doc recommended PET CT and IHC. After doing all tests, it turned out to be malignant tumor (very difficult diagnosis, they took long process to diagnose it) rare disease. Hence, sir recommended surgery. He only performed surgery (mastectomy). He and Dr. Suresh Babu both advised chemotherapy, which I have completed now. Throughout this process, I saw a God in Dr. Sandeep sir’s face and he is worth to compare. Really thank u God for putting me in such good doctor (equally to God). He saved me in all difficulties. No words to express about you sir.

Ranjini S

Dr. Sandeep Nayak is a very humble, calm, composed, smiling, gentle & a person who is willing to listen. He gives his complete attention to what the patient is talking and gives clear explanation to everything. He does not make you feel anxious or nervous about the whole issue. I’m extremely happy with the Dr. Sandeep Nayak. I feel I’m really blessed to find a doctor whom you can trust blindly and take least tension about the whole process.

I want to thank Dr. Sandeep and his entire team for being so professional, cooperative, accommodating and mainly having empathy towards patients which we do not see mostly these days.

Throat Cancer Treatment

Pankaj biswas

At my consultation he told me that i don’t have to worry anything related to cancer then he asked me whether i smoke or not then told me quit and get some professional health related to smoking

Then he wrote some tests related to my condition

Reports came every thing was normal

Then on my second visit i meet his associate doctor bharath he is also very nice person he understood my problem told me what i need to do… my overall experience with the doctor is excellent


very calm and understanding doctor listen to patients and explain everything in details. We had good experience during cancer treatment of my father in law

Stomach Pain


I had booked appointment with doctor Sandeep Nayak based on the positive reviews on Google and Practo. The appointment booking is very organized with well mannered people in the reception.I took the appointment with Dr. Sandeep Nayak for my mother who was having severe stomach pain and the CT scan suggested Lymph nodes and mild metastatis. Doctor carefully examined all the diagnostic documents and listened to all our concerns. He was really polite and explained us what course of action we have to take and cleared our doubts. My mother felt really relived after meeting the doctor, and you will find very few doctors like Mr. Sandeep Nayak who is so qualified but down to earth, where he spends quality time with the patient evaluating the problem in detail. He even speaks in local language to connect with patients. I highly recommend the doctor. Thumbs up to Mr. Sandeep Nayak.

Liver Cancer Treatment

Amit Bhat

I was happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money Dr SaNdeep’s approach for cancer treatment is just fabulous. He is very patient and understanding. I had approached him for my grandmothers liver cancer and my aunts breast cancer treatments. I was overall satisfied and happy that we were at the right doctor.



I recommend the doctor I was happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction
Very nice experience had with clinic and Dr it’s too good . I can recommend patient confidently Very neat clean comfort environment.Thank u

Fozia Visited For Benign Tumors

I recommend the doctor I was happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Value for money
Very nice person..understands your concerns and treats well ..I felt relieved after the ist meeting