Name: Ms. Jaitri Mandal
Designation: Psycho-oncologist

Jaitri Mandal is a Psycho-oncologist at 4baseCare and has a proven track record in the healthcare industry. She holds an MPhil in Psycho-oncology from the Cancer Institute College of Oncological Sciences in Chennai, where she earned the 2nd Rank in her class. Her expertise includes Palliative Care, Pediatric Psychology, Communication, Cancer survivorship, Support Groups, and Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methodologies.

Ms. Mandal is a respected healthcare professional with significant experience. She has worked as a Psycho-oncologist at Aster DM Healthcare and Apollo CBCC and as a full-time Psycho-oncologist at the Indian Cancer Society. Additionally, she served as an MPhil research scholar at the Cancer Institute (WLA), an Intern Health Psychologist at Global Clinical Research Services Pvt Ltd, Global Hospitals, and an Intern Psychologist at Antara Psychiatric and Rehabilitation Centre.

Ms. Mandal’s clinical expertise focuses on improving cancer patients’ and caregivers’ psychological, social, and behavioral aspects to enhance their quality of life. She is an expert in various care-related techniques, including distress assessment and stress management techniques. She has conducted over 500 counseling sessions. Ms. Mandal’s outstanding work has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Best Clinical Implication Paper Award and the 2nd Prize Poster Award.


  • Psycho-oncologist – 4baseCareFeb 2022 – Present Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Psycho-oncologist – Aster D.M. Healthcare Aug 2021 – Jan 2022 Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Psycho Oncologist – Apollo CBCC Aug 2020 – Jul 2021 Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Psycho-oncologist – Indian Cancer Society · Full-time Nov 2018 – Sep 2020 Mumbai, India
  • Mphil research scholar – CANCER INSTITUTE (W.L.A.) Aug 2017 – Nov 2018 Adyar, Chennai, India
  • Intern Health psychologist – Global Clinical research services Pvt. Ltd, Global Hospitals Jul 2016  – Nov 2016 and Jan 2017 – Feb 2017 Hyderabad, India
  • Intern Psychologist – Antara psychiatric and rehabilitation center May 2016 – Jul 2016 Kolkata Area, India


    • Psycho-oncologist – 4baseCareFeb 2022 – PresentBengaluru, Karnataka, India
    • Psycho-oncologist – Aster D.M. HealthcareAug 2021 – Jan 2022Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
    • Psycho Oncologist – Apollo CBCCAug 2020 – Jul 2021Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    • Psycho-oncologist – Indian Cancer Society · Full-timeNov 2018 – Sep 2020Mumbai, India


She works on psychological, Social, and Behavioural aspects of Cancer Patients and Caregivers to improve their Quality of Life. She has been working with 4basecare since 2022 and has done almost 500 + counseling.


  • Best Clinical Implication Paper Award – Oral presentation on ‘Caregivers’ perception on breaking diagnosis to C.C.S.’- International Psycho-oncology Society Academy (IPOS), Chennai, January 2020.
  • 2nd Prize- Poster on ‘Academic performance and its relationship with Emotional and Behavioral Functioning and Coping Strategies among Adolescent Cancer Survivors’- TYACON, Jaipur, September 2019.


Ms. Jaitri Mandal possesses expertise in the following areas:

Distress Assessment and Stress Management Techniques:

Ms. Mandal is skilled in assessing emotional distress levels in individuals and implementing effective stress management techniques to help patients cope with the challenges of cancer.

In-depth Cognitive Behavioral Modification Therapy:

With a deep understanding of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), Ms. Mandal utilizes evidence-based techniques to modify negative thought patterns and behaviors and foster positive mental well-being in cancer patients.

Adjustment and Anger Management Techniques:

Ms. Mandal provides guidance and strategies to help individuals adjust to the emotional and psychological impact of cancer while also offering anger management techniques to cope effectively with anger-related issues.

Individual and Family Counseling:

Ms. Mandal offers personalized counseling sessions to individuals and their families, providing support, guidance, and coping strategies to help them navigate the emotional challenges associated with cancer.

Palliative Counseling:

Ms. Mandal recognizes the unique needs of individuals receiving palliative care and provides specialized counseling services to address emotional distress, promote comfort, and enhance the quality of life for patients and their families.

Handling Support Groups:

With expertise in facilitating support groups, Ms. Mandal creates a safe and supportive environment for individuals to share their experiences, gain insights, and provide mutual support during their cancer journey.

Expertise in SPSS:

Ms. Mandal possesses expertise in statistical analysis using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), which enables her to conduct research and evaluate data related to psycho-oncology, enhancing the effectiveness of her counseling approaches.

Through her diverse skills and expertise, Ms. Jaitri Mandal offers comprehensive support to cancer patients, helping them manage distress, adjust to changes, improve emotional well-being, and enhance their overall quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Psycho-oncology is a specialized field that addresses the psychological, emotional, and social aspects of cancer care. It helps cancer patients by providing support, coping strategies, and counseling to manage emotional distress, improve quality of life, and enhance overall well-being during and after cancer treatment.

Psycho-oncology extends support to caregivers and family members as they play a critical role in the cancer journey. It offers strategies to manage caregiver stress, cope with emotions, and navigate the challenges of supporting a loved one with cancer. Psycho-oncology provides a space for caregivers to express their concerns, receive guidance, and enhance their emotional well-being.

Psycho-oncology addresses various concerns, including anxiety, depression, fear of recurrence, coping with treatment side effects, communication challenges, adjustment difficulties, and end-of-life issues. It focuses on providing emotional support, coping skills and empowering individuals to navigate the emotional complexities associated with cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.

The duration of psycho-oncology interventions can vary depending on individual needs, treatment stages, and goals. Some individuals may benefit from short-term interventions, while others may require more extended support. The frequency and duration of sessions are determined on a case-by-case basis to provide appropriate support throughout the cancer journey.