Name: Sharmela Devi G
Designation: Registered Nutritionist & Dietician

Sharmela Devi G

Sharmela Devi G is a Senior Nutritionist and Dietician associated with MACS Clinic with a wealth of educational and professional experience in nutrition and dietetics. She has an established history of working in the biotechnology business. She completed her MSc in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, in 2020. Sharmela also completed a Diabetes Educator Programme from NDEP in 2022. She also took an NPTEL online course on Professional Scientific Communication in 2019.

Sharmela’s expertise in nutrition includes anti-cancer diets, diabetes, hypertension management, and diet tips to improve blood counts, also specializes in weight loss, diet plans, and diabetes diets. She has also published a paper on “Nutritional Status and Lifestyle Factors Among Young Adults Enrolled in an Academic Institution” in Applied Physics Communications.

Overall, Sharmela’s impressive educational background, diverse professional experience, and expertise in nutrition make her a valuable asset in the field of dietetics and nutrition.


  • Completed Diabetes educator Programme from NDEP – 2022
  • Completed online course on Blogging and Content writing from MY CAPTAIN – 2020
  • Earned 1st Class with distinction in MSc. CLINICAL NUTRITION AND DIETETICS from PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore – 2020
  • Completed online course on CANCER NUTRITION from MEDVARSITY – 2019
  • Completed NPTEL online course on PROFESSIONAL SCIENTIFIC COMMUNICATION in 2019
  • Completed BSc. CLINICAL NUTRITION AND DIETETICS from Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai – 2018
  • Completed HSC from SRK BHEL HR. EC SCHOOL, RANIPET – 2015
  • Completed SSLC from DAV BHEL SCHOOL, RANIPET – 2013


  • Currently a Senior Onco dietitian at 4Basecare Genomics Pvt Ltd
  • Self-employed Consultant running a virtual diet clinic at 4BaseCare Genomics Pvt Ltd – 2020
  • Health coach at GOQII – 2020
  • Completed RD internship at FORTIS HOSPITAL, Bannerghatta, Bangalore – 2020
  • Counseled on healthy diet practices to employees of private organizations in Bangalore, Karnataka – 2019
  • Completed hospital posting at PSG HOSPITAL, Coimbatore – 2018
  • Assisted HYUNDAI employees with diet counseling
  • Completed internship in the field of CLINICAL NUTRITION from Sri Ramachandra University, Porur, Chennai
  • Completed industrial visit at ECO-KITCHEN, Chennai

Publications :

“Nutritional Status and Lifestyle Factors Among Young Adults Enrolled in an Academic Institution” published in the journal AIP Advances.

Expertise in:

Ms. Sharmela Devi G specializes in providing expert guidance and support to patients in the following areas:

Specialized Nutrition:

With extensive knowledge of nutrition, Ms. Sharmela Devi G offers personalized dietary recommendations tailored to the unique needs of patients. She focuses on optimizing nutrition to support treatment outcomes, boost immune function, and manage side effects.

Anti-Cancer Diet:

Ms. Sharmela Devi G provides guidance on anti-cancer diets, emphasizing the importance of consuming various nutrient-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. She helps patients understand the potential benefits of specific foods and advises them on incorporating them into their diet.

Diabetes and Hypertension Management:

Recognizing the prevalence of diabetes and hypertension among cancer patients, Ms. Sharmela Devi G offers specialized guidance on managing these conditions through appropriate diet modifications. She provides strategies to control blood sugar levels and blood pressure while considering the unique nutritional needs of cancer patients.

Dietary Tips to Improve Blood Counts:

Ms. Sharmela Devi G offers valuable dietary tips to improve blood counts, including hemoglobin levels and other important markers. She provides guidance on consuming iron-rich foods, incorporating vitamin C for better iron absorption, and maintaining overall nutritional balance to support optimal blood health during cancer treatment.

Through her expertise and knowledge, Ms. Sharmela Devi G plays a vital role in helping cancer patients optimize their nutritional intake, manage side effects, and improve overall well-being during their cancer journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Proper nutrition is crucial in supporting cancer patients throughout their treatment journey. It helps maintain strength, energy levels, and overall well-being. Adequate nutrition can support the immune system, aid healing and recovery, manage side effects, and improve treatment outcomes.

Proper nutrition for cancer patients often involves a well-rounded diet that includes a diverse range of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. It is essential to prioritize hydration and maintain a balanced eating plan. However, specific dietary recommendations may differ based on individual requirements, treatment-related side effects, and dietary restrictions.

Nutrition can play a significant role in managing treatment side effects. For example, consuming small, frequent meals and staying hydrated can help control nausea and vomiting. Dietary modifications like avoiding spicy or greasy foods may help with digestive issues. Working with a dietitian specialized in oncology can provide personalized recommendations to address specific side effects.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, certain foods may be advised to be avoided or limited during cancer treatment. These may include raw or undercooked foods, unpasteurized dairy products, and potentially allergenic foods.

Cancer patients must consult with their healthcare team or a registered dietitian specializing in oncology to receive personalized dietary recommendations based on their specific condition, treatment plan, and individual needs.