Yesterday, I told son of one of my patients who needs ICU care to reduce being in the hospital. I told him to stay at home, we will take care of your father. We will call you if needed. We will do all that is needed.

Please reduce the expossure of people as much as possible.

The world is dealing with Corona Virus pandemic. To contain this government has taken many measures including cutting down on avoidable contact between people. In this regard we have moved our first consultations online. This is done to keep you safe and reduce your exposure. We do not want you to travel and get infected. Even a caregiver (son, daughter, wife, husband) can get the infection (with no symptoms) and spread the disease to the patient. Cancer patient is at a higher risk of complications and death, and so are young healthy individuals. So, beware.

OPD The following is the arrangement:


There will not be any direct OPD consultation. So, you cannot book online appointments with us. Only patients who require immediate medical care will be called to come to OPD or emergency for direct consultation with doctors. You have the following 2 options.

  1. Chat Based Consultation: You can use a platform like Practo or Lybrate to consult. They have provision for sharing all the reports to us. I will reveiw and revert ASAP.
  2. Video Consultation (Recommended): We will be using the 4Care App (Android only) for video consultation. Please email or request for consultation to Email: & or contact: +91 88612 55283 or +919482202240. You will be guided to upload all the reports and details to the app and they will fix video consultation me.
  3. Email consultation: Please email your documents to I will have a look and respond. This consultation will not be charged.
  4. Call: The entire team is available on the IVRS line +918762020240.

These consultation have their limitations as physical examination is not possible. This is only to tideover the period of crisis.

Please note that I am still working. I am still available. I am still treating patients. I am still operating. I am still going to the hospital. What has changed is, we are being highly selective in the interest of patients and their relatives in order to keep them safe.

E mail/online consultations are being offered in these special and extra ordinary situation due to corona to avoid visits to clinic and there by prevent exposure to virus and minimize spread of infection.

In view of the extraordinary circumstances prevailing due to the Corona (CoVID) outbreak regular consultations are being suspended to ensure social isolation and contain spread of the outbreak, in line with the Government instructions. However, as an alternative, telephonic and online consultations are being offered.

Online consultation is based on an assessment of photos and is not a 100% replacement of personal physical examination.

This is only to tide over the period till the situation/restrictions improve, and patient is able to meet the Doctor in person.

It is being given as a service and is entirely up to patient to accept it. The doctors will make their best effort to deliver quality care subject to limitations of the technology . It has to be understood that the technology has limitations and 100% accuracy is not possible. If patients do not want this, they are at liberty to refuse. As soon as the corona situation improves, patients will need to comeback for a proper physical examination.

Please note that telephonic/Online consultation is not a substitute for regular consultation. Doctor can proceed to help patients with alternative methods of consultation, only if the patient accepts these limitations.

Patients need to understand that doctors will not accept any responsibility due to the limitations of the technology and hence not liable for any legal action. Patients will, by accepting the online consultation agree to indemnify the doctors and the clinic from any future legal action